Custom Gray & Ductile Iron Castings

Custom Gray & Ductile Iron Castings
Custom Gray & Ductile Iron Castings

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Fairfield Castings, LLC is a versatile iron casting facility that is able to provide services to a diversified customer market. Gray and ductile iron castings are produced simultaneously in a range of production volumes from a variety of molding centers. Molding capabilities include squeezer and rotolift manual molding, automatic horizontal match-plate molding, and Disa vertical molding. Maximum flask sizes are 20" x 26" for automatic horizontal machines, 26" x 36" for manual horizontal machines, and 21" x 26" for Disa vertical machines. Casting weights typically range from 1 lb. to 100 lbs. Isocure and shell core making machines are capable of producing custom cores for a variety of volumes and applications.

The Fairfield Castings' engineering staff can provide manufacturability reviews and offer input on customer designs. Advanced mold flow and solidification simulation software allows feedback to designers on casting integrity prior to actual tooling fabrication and production. Our complete in-house sand lab monitors the compactibility, bond content, permeability, moisture, and green strength of the sand. Material testing including tensile testing, hardness testing, complete chemical analysis and microstructure inspection is available.

We serve a variety of industries including producers of motor vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and other industrial components. For more information about our custom gray and ductile iron casting capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Examples of Our Work

Custom Gray & Ductile Iron Casting Capabilities

Product Capabilities
Small to Medium Size Components
Casting Method
Green Sand Casting
Casting Process
Disa Molding
B&P Match-Plate Molding
Rotolift and Squeezer Molding (Gray Iron)
Core Type
Isocure Core Making (Cold Box)
Shell Core Making (Hot Box)
Melting Process
Electric Melt Furnaces (Ductile)
Cupola Melt (Gray Iron)
Value Added Services
Powder Coating
Porcelain Coating
Heat Treating
Materials (Metals)
Ductile Iron
  • ASTM A395
  • ASTM A536
  • 60-40-18
  • 65-45-12
  • 80-55-06
  • 100-70-03
  • 120-90-02
Austempered Ductile Iron
  • DuraDex Iron
  • ASTM A897
Gray Iron
  • ASTM A48, Class 25
  • ASTM A48, Class 30
  • ASTM A48, Class 35
  • ASTM A48, Class 40
  • ASTM A126
Flask Size
Automatic Horizontal Molding - 16" x 20"; 20" x 26"
Squeezer Molding - up to 17" x 17"
Rotolift Molding - up to 26" x 36"
Disamatic Vertical Molding - 20" x 25"; 21" x 26"
Casting Weight
1 to 100 lbs.
Tolerance (+/-)
Manual Molding Operations - ISO 8062, DCTG 11
Automatic Molding Operations - ISO 8062, DCTG 9
Engineering Services Provided
Manufacturability Reviews
Design Input
Casting Flow Simulation
Casting Solidification Simulation
Additional Services Provided
Powder Coating
Porcelain Coating
Heat Treating
Finish Machining
Chemical Analysis
Complete Sand Lab
Tensile Testing
Brinell Hardness Testing
Borescope Inspection (up to 8")
50-400x Microscope Magnification
CMM Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
Dye Penetrant Testing
Magniflux Inspection
Production Volume
Low, Medium and High Volume
Typical Lead Time
Published on a monthly basis
Melt Capacity
170,0000 tons/year

Additional Information

Market Segments
Agricultural Equipment
Transportation/Motor Vehicle
Pump Housings
Rail Plates
Valves & Fittings
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008
CAD Modeling Systems
MAGMA Casting Simulation Software
Solidcast Simulation Software
SolidWorks 3D Modeling

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