About Fairfield Castings, LLC

Induction MeltingOur foundry, located in Fairfield, Iowa, has been providing quality iron castings for over 100 years. The past 100 years have been filled with constant improvements, from a very humble beginning to today's state-of-the-art facility. Fairfield Castings, LLC ranks among the largest privately owned foundries in the Midwest.

The foundry operations pour gray and ductile iron castings to order for a wide array of customers. Currently we make over 3000 different parts for over 250 companies in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Versatility is the key throughout our foundry operations. By offering two types of iron and a variety of core machines and molding systems, we can adapt to almost any of your metal casting needs. For your convenience, an engineer from our staff will be designated to work with you continually to assist you in casting design and to quote the type of pattern equipment needed to produce your castings in the most economical manner.

Our operations are flexible, so you don't have to be. Try us, you'll like the way we do things your way.


246,000 sq. ft. Foundry
Melt Capacity: 170,000 tons/year
Ductile and Gray Iron Green Sand Castings
Light Rail, Agriculture, Construction and Automotive
Pump Housings, Drums, Rail Plates, Ag Parts, Damper Hubs
Disa Molding; B&P Match-Plate Molding; Rotolift and Squeezer Molding; Isocure and Shell Core Making; Electric Melt; Cupola Melt
Casting Size
1lb - 100lbs